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Halloween Costume with Masks

October 2021

A slight autumn breeze has come through Madison and we’ve got one thing on our minds: Halloween. Although Freakfest won’t be returning to State Street this year for the second year in a row, there will be plenty of gatherings since we get to celebrate Halloween on a weekend this year. The mask mandate will be in place this spooky season so we’ve thought of a few ideas that may make your costume decision a little easier. 

Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs

No, not the Mads Mikkelsen version, the Anthony Hopkins version. Come on people, the one with the mask. Even though Hannibal Lecter has been featured in many films, the psychotic killer from Silence of the Lambs proves to be remembered. Originally Lecter had serrated teeth, maroon eyes, and an extra middle finger, film makers considered carefully that you may want to dress up as him one day. How fun. This one is easy, throw on your old prison jumpsuit or an orange button up, add an extra large, tan crew neck and wrap those sleeves around yourself. The cherry on top is the mask which you can buy from Etsy or Amazon. If that’s too hard, glue a fake moth to your mask and wall-ah! You’re the whole movie.

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto

I don’t know a lot of ninjas that wear sandals but Kakashi Hatake really pulls it off. Konoha’s most talented ninja deserves a mention as he wears a mask properly, as in over the nose. Anime characters are designed to be very unique, they rely on the details to portray their background. If you can get your hands on the White Light Chakra Sabre, you’ll really complete the outfit. If you want to go above and beyond, obtain your Sharingan eye, or just buy a red contact lens. Either way, with a mainly black outfit and a few accessories on top, you can ascend to be a chūnin by the end of October. Very impressive. 

A Cat from every past Halloween

This one is for those who forgot Halloween exists or was invited out last minute. Dress up to blend in this year with a classic cat ensemble. Old reliable strikes again with whatever outfit you want to wear with a headband and a mandatory mask. Don’t have a cat mask? Good for you. Make one with markers, paper, paint, hot glue guns, a pink bead and some pipe cleaners, or even your friend’s Cricut. Want to be an orange cat? Wear orange. Boom. Done. Next. 

Polite Strangers from The Purge

Knock knock, here’s one you may need just one additional accessory to complete. You can wear the dress or the suit, it doesn’t matter! Really any formal attire would do the trick. Throw a mask on and you’re covered, literally. Keep in mind, just because you’re dressed as these assassins doesn’t mean crime is legal, stay safe and keep your distance. The purge saga has grown into five different movies, all with their own antagonists and masks. Whether you choose the First Purge, Election Year, or Anarchy, there’s a good chance the masks will be plastic, so wearing a cloth mask underneath wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

V from V for Vendetta

“Remember, remember, the 31st of October”… it just doesn’t quite flow as well. England’s mysterious anarchist, V, from V for Vendetta is easily identifiable with his Guy Fawkes mask, long hair, and black attire. This is an ideal costume for a colder Halloween, with the layers of vests and capes, not to mention those fierce, knee-high boots. So get out of your bunker, order your mask, rehearse your alliteration, and find something to fight for this spooky season because this mask will keep you and your identity safe.

Angler Fish from the Ocean

We should not have started with this one. I still can’t tell if that’s a real picture or an animation. Fortunately for us, we will never have to encounter one of these bad boys in the deep blue, unless of course your major is marine biology (I would reconsider that major). With everyday items you can find at Walgreens, even you can give your nearest and dearest unforgettable nightmares. All you’ll need is a black mask, aggressively long fingernails, and a reading light. Pair those items with a completely black ensemble and you have yourself a walking, death fish! Miracles do come true. Enhance the look with completely white contacts or don’t, you’re already horrendously ugly. 

Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie

Although it was originally released in black and white, this pink fit is a great way to add some color on a dark Halloween night. Travel back to 1965 when the world was introduced to this 2,000 year old djinn we still love and know as Jeannie. With a nod and a blink you can magically transform yourself into this bubbly character. All you’ll need is a pair of pink parachute pants, pink or maroon top, a belt to tie it together and of course a mask. Add a few genie-like accessories to make it your own. Bonus points if you’re married to an astronaut.