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Clean Lakes Alliance


Clean Lakes Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement and protection of the lakes, streams, and wetlands in the Yahara River Watershed. Through community support, advocacy, and education, we are working to restore and protect our lakes.

They are a unique partnership of diverse stakeholders who are building on and expanding upon decades of ongoing efforts to preserve and restore our waters.

Their goal is to raise community awareness of the issues facing the watershed, advocate for the welfare of our lakes, and help procure the necessary funding to clean and protect these waterways.

They work closely with state, county and local government agencies, waterway user groups, lakefront property owners, and community nonprofits to serve as both a positive voice for the promotion of their cherished lakes and a fundraising vehicle for achieving these ends.



If you’ve looked at our properties, you’ll come to find JD McCormick Properties has many homes on waterways. The Dude Abodes has excellent views looking over the Monona Bay, The Lake House is a shoreline property on Lake Mendota, and you’re even able to see the Mad-City Ski Team from your sidewalk at 110 S. Hancock Street. Not to mention we have an entire community we call Lake Country! We love life on the water, so it was obvious that the environment had to be included in the ways JD McCormick gave back.


In 2022, JD McCormick became Lake Partners with Clean Lakes Alliance, in addition to becoming a new sponsor of the Loop the Lake Bike Ride. Clean Lakes Alliance is heavily involved in the Madison Community from their Frozen Assets Festival, Loop the Lake, Big Swell Madison, or through their monthly newsletters. They offer volunteer days for any individuals, local businesses, and organizations who would like to engage directly in the mission to improve and protect the Madison Lakes and waterways. If you would like to donate, participate in any event, or get involved with Clean Lakes Alliance, check out their website for more information!