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Madison Reading Project

As JD McCormick has a large collection of housing on the UW-Madison Campus, education surrounds us quite literally. Not only is Madison host to the University but also 52 public schools, 32 of which are for ages 5-11. Within that age group, 18.3% of them live in poverty. Because of these economic differences it is known that 2/3 of children from low-income households have no books at home. The Madison Reading Project has served thousands of families, school, and community organizations by providing free books while offering engaging literacy programs to children and educators, not just in Madison but throughout the state of Wisconsin. You may have seen their Big Red Reading Bus around the area making its route to local organizations, libraries, events, and schools throughout the year giving free books to ignite a love for reading. JD McCormick Properties began hosting book drives in 2021 and became a sponsor of the Community Book Drive in 2022. Although the Madison Reading Project is always open to donations, keep an eye out for our next book drive or go to the Madison Reading Project’s website to find many more ways you can make an impact directly through their organization. Keep on Reading!


Madison Reading Project: Madison Reading Project connects our community with free books and literacy resources that ignite a love for reading and affirm and reflect the diversity of young readers. In 2013, Madison Reading Project was started by founder and Executive Director, Rowan Childs.  On a search for reading resources, Childs discovered the alarming statistics associated with literacy rates and book ownership of families experiencing poverty.  With a $1,000 seed donation, we served our first 30 children at the Salvation Army of Dane County’s after school program. Over time, we’ve grown to serve thousands of families, schools, and community organizations by providing free books, and offering fun and engaging literacy programs to children and educators.