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The Perfect Apartment Patio

May 2020

Whether it be the excitement of spring and summer coming or the notion that many are feeling a little burned out from months of social distancing, we think it is safe to say that people are looking forward to nicer weather and being outdoors. The pandemic has changed life for us all in many ways and although we may be disappointed that a lot of our outdoor social activities in the coming months have been cancelled or postponed we have the opportunity to create a fun and safe space in the comforts of our own home by decorating our balcony or patio.

Here are some great tips and tricks to making your own personal outdoor space bring you joy without even needing to leave your apartment.

  1. Create a blueprint of your patio or balcony space with dimensions and start mapping out your new outdoor room. Remember that less is more and easy access back into your apartment will be important when you need to refill your margarita pitcher during a virtual happy hour or your lemonade on a sunny day. Clunky or oversized furniture will take over your space and make it less relaxing. Choose smaller pieces of furniture that will withstand the four seasons of Wisconsin (weather proof and mildew resistant) and can serve as both seating and storage options to maximize your space. Bistro tables are a great addition that allow you to have your own outdoor sitting and eating area. Personalize it with comfy cushions and you will lose track of time in your perfect little outdoor space. If you are limited on space get a bar cart that you can keep near the door and have additional drinks and snacks nearby for yourself or guests (once we can have people over).
  2. Greenery is your friend so add some fun plants and flowers to your space. Choose options that will work for the direction that your outdoor space faces and don’t be afraid to ask a nursery to help you pick the plants or flowers that will thrive on your patio and balcony space. Picking flowering plants will also add an additional pop of color to your space and there are many new potting options that hang on railings or on hooks that can help craft the atmosphere you are looking for without taking up physical space on your blueprint. Don’t forget to consider an herb garden that will allow you to add fresh flavor to your culinary dishes with only taking a few steps to your outdoor sanctuary to get them.
  3. Add to your sensory experience by adding a wind chime or a small water feature to enhance your experiences and drown out other background noise. Use Bluetooth speakers to add music and sound to your space. Layer your outdoor theme by adding waterproof outdoor rugs, comfortable cushions and lighting to engage all your senses.
  4. Did someone say lighting? Step up your game by adding lighting to your patio and balcony. It will completely change the vibe and transport you to a completely different wonderland from a daytime to nighttime space. Who doesn’t love a little ambiance lighting? There are so many options you can go with but look for LED options to save on utility cost and bulb replacements. Some of our favorite lighting options are café lights, lanterns, or Edison bulb strings that can be hung overhead to brighten up your outdoor space or you can choose to string them along your railing. You can also hang fairy or icicle lights down a wall or around your railing to create a curtain of light. Additional lighting accents can be used by putting lights in clear vases or adding lanterns with LED tealights in them and placing them around your space.
  5. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. This space is an extension to your interior apartment home and will allow you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors this spring and summer even while social distancing. Have a green thumb? What are you waiting for? Show your talents and put a cute shelving system out there to showcase your potted plants or flowers. Love decorating? Awesome! Get inspired by creating your own outdoor living room with rugs, tables, bistro tables, lights and more. Use your color palettes and invest in some fun cushions or a comfy blanket that you can enjoy while relaxing in this uber personalized space you’ve just created for yourself.
  6. Most importantly, have fun with this little project! You will be the envy of the apartment community, your friends and family and all your future Zoom gatherings showcasing this amazing new space.

Need a little inspiration to get you started? Check out our JD McCormick Properties Balcony and Patio Decorating Pinterest board for more inviting private outdoor decorating ideas.