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Fall Fun for Everyone: COVID-Friendly Activities for Autumn

October 2020

Who else feels a little robbed this year? Where were the pitchers of beer on the terrace and the warm breezes from the lake? Where were the echoes of an immured chamber orchestra paired with local cheeses with a hint of grass between your fingers? Even towards the end of summer we are missing the savory, charcoaled clouds evading backyards followed by an intoxicated sea of red and white. Does anyone remember the Taste of Madison? Ice and snow is lurking around the corner and we still have all our energy built up from last winter.

Well, good news, a new summer has arrived. A summer without testing your air conditioner’s abilities, without frizzy hair and sweaty walks to the mailbox. A different summer, where the hustle and bustle saunters to a recession. For the first time in four months, we take a deep breath, and reflect. The samaras spiral and the trees change colors, eventually purging their branches. The steam from a morning coffee, slowly escapes the cup like time is standing still. Your sweaters make their debut from storage, smelling like musty cinnamon. Fall is here and it’s exactly what the doctor prescribed.

At the first sight of fall, the first impulse is to bundle up, throw on a movie and cup your hands around a warm cider (this is important, do not forget to do this). But this year, let us take full advantage of the tolerable climate while it is still here. In this blog, we have comprised a list of socially-distant activities to do around southern Wisconsin that will spice up your autumn, hopefully making it the season to remember.

Apple Orchards, Duh. You could buy powdered apple cider. Sure, grab an apple pie from the store, maybe throw in some donuts, but they are stale before you make it home. It’s trick-or-treat yourself season! Get some fresh apple cider, drink it cold if you want to, you animal! Give your soul a little hug with a fresh dozen of cider donuts dusted in cinnamon and sugar. Even if you don’t like apples, who doesn’t love a good photo-op?

The quaint Norwegian apple farm, appropriately named Eplegaarden, is just twenty minutes south in Fitchburg, WI. If a relaxing stroll among the apple trees doesn’t sound like fun, keep in mind they also have caramel apple sundaes! (The calories don’t count if it’s fresh.)

Now this one is a distance away, but boy oh boy, they have it all. Hayrides, pumpkins, caramel apples, pine tree maze, bouncy houses, food trucks, live music, river dancing, fresh donuts, honey, a boutique and did I mention they were a winery? Grab your I.D and go try some apple wine.

Corn Mazes Let’s admit we are all a little lost this year. Why not commit and get really lost in a corn maze? Throw on a flannel and check out these fun themed corn mazes near you. A few tips: leave a trail of breadcrumbs, do not wear white shoes, don’t watch a scary movie before you go, and above all, don’t eat the corn.

Make reservations and head over to Lodi to visit the Treinen’s Farm. This 200-acre farm is full of activities including a play areas, hiking trails, a pumpkin patch and a themed corn maze, which won USA Today’s best corn maze in 2018.

Just over in Cross Plains, WI is the Enchanted Valley Acres. They are doing first come, first serve so hurry over to experience their almost three mile corn maze. They have giant slides, concessions, wagon rides, goats, gem mining and what farm is complete without a GIANT HUMAN WHEEL?

Haunted Forest The sage must have worked because there are not any haunted houses in the area this year. But since we care, we’ve found other ways to give you a good scare this fall. These attractions take their masks seriously, so please know, if you have masklophobia, they may not be for you.

Every Friday and Saturday in October, Breese Stevens Field magically becomes Breese Screaming Field. OooOooh, spooky. It’s outdoors, it’s socially distant, it’s probably scary, and the best part is, it’s right here in Madison!


This one’s a little further away in Deerfield, WI, but if you’re willing to make the trek, you will not be disappointed. Wait until the sun sets and wait in the dark, before you know it, the zombies will come load you up on a tractor and take you to the edge of the forest. Will you make it through the winding trails of Camp Schuster without being chased by the chainsaw zombie?

Stay at Home! So you don’t want to leave your house yet, totally understandable. Well make yourself a blanket, get a cup of tea and cozy up on the couch with a movie. What are you in the mood for: a classic autumn flick or a scary Halloween thriller?


Jump on Amazon and buy the chunkiest, softest yarn you can find. Here is a step-by-step video showing how to make one of those knitted blankets you’ve seen all over Pinterest. Once you’re done, cozy up on the couch and watch a movie. Here are the best classics and Halloween movies.

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